Monday, 5 March 2012

Say it, don't spray it.

There can be so many bad habits out there of course we have all seen some at one point.
However, the worst habit that are done by both genders but are seen more in hardcore men, spitting.
It is just a gross thing and they spit at such distance. Fact, it's done more by smokers, not all though.
I have this vague memory when I was in primary school and we were on a school trip to an awesome place in Wales, and so a girl sat on the other side of me must of been car sick or something - that's what I initially thought. She carried a plastic bag in which you would normally put your sandwiches in and... She just kept spitting in the bag!! How gross, a bag full of spit.
I didn't why she was spitting in the bag and not swallowing her own saliva but I couldn't really ask that since her mum was always coming with her on these trips.
It just made my perception of spitting to a very down low to the ground score.
I don't think saliva should of been invented, but then again we need it to break down our foods in our mouth, yeah I learned that in science.
Someone should invent a.. Spitting bag. Actually no! A stick should be given to the authority so whoever they see spit gets hit with a stick. Oh how lame of me. But I think that it's against the law to spit in some places. Imagine it, we walk around our neighborhood but really we are walking in a pool full of dried up spit.


  1. hahahhaaaa.., I like this story

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