Thursday, 22 December 2011

Back to the past

So, I don't know how many of you keep a diary any time in your life..
I have, and well I did fail miserable, I kept a diary for a while, mostly wrote in it when I was upset or angry at the people around me, so really it was like a venting book than anything else.
This was like 5 years ago and so I did read some what I wrote in it. It was weird reading about me a few years ago and say 'wow, I've changed' I was such a messed up little teenager. xD
We all go through that phase of self-hatred and depression, right?
No? This is embarrassing...
Haha, it's okay, I have the confidence to say I'm glad to have changed for the better.
I feel so stressed out most of the times its frustrating!!!!
My exams, worrying about getting accepted to a university and then FINDING A JOB!!
Not to mention having to drive (yes I passed) my lovely relatives to places.
Shopping, more shopping, food and then Costa.
Yup, that's my life.

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